Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019
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Objectives and priorities

  • [103-1] Wyjaśnienie tematów zidentyfikowanych jako istotne wraz ze wskazaniem ograniczeń Wyjaśnienie tematów zidentyfikowanych jako istotne wraz ze wskazaniem ograniczeń

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  • [103-2] Podejście do zarządzania i jego elementy Podejście do zarządzania i jego elementy

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  • [103-3] Ewaluacja podejścia do zarządzania Ewaluacja podejścia do zarządzania

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Other guidelines:

We take a systemic approach to the organisation of the training process and care for the comprehensive development of employee competences. Training objectives are defined in our Training Policy.

In 2020, we implemented a new policy aimed at making our model more coherent with the global model of the Santander Group. The implemented policy sets out guidelines for designing, reviewing, executing and supervising the training process in order to:

  • support the business transformation,

  • promote the management of talented employees, support innovation and knowledge sharing,

  • support cultural transformation within the bank’s corporate governance standards.

In 2019, the training objectives included: building an engaging working environment and strengthening leadership skills and development programmes for both managers and employees. We implemented solutions enabling „learning from each other” in both local and global perspective. We also implemented digital solutions supporting the proposed development programs.

Our activities focus on:
  • building awareness of responsibility for one’s own development,
  • building an engaging working environment,
  • knowledge sharing – readiness to share knowledge and experience,
  • digital learning – searching and using digital educational and development formats.

The development of employees in the organisation is part of the 70-20-10 model: learning and development is gained 70% through experience in daily work, 20% through learning from others and 10% in courses and training events

  • 12,036


  • 843,771

    hours of training

  • 70.43

    training hours per employee on average