Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019
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Financial education

  • [103-1] Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary

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  • [103-2] The management approach and its components The management approach and its components

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Santander Bank Polska invests in financial education because we want our current and future clients to understand the causes and effects of various financial decisions. We run educational programs aimed at both the youngest and the elderly.


″Finansiaki″ is our own economic education project, which consists of:

  • website,

  • a guide for parents  “Finansiaki is Us!”

  • lesson scripts for volunteers – bank employees conducting classes in kindergartens and primary schools website

The financial education website supports parents and teachers in promoting knowledge about finance in its broadest sense. The website is accessible on mobile devices and has the WCAG 2.0 ″Website without barriers″ certificate at AA level. In March 2019, we launched a new version of the website. On the redesigned and revamped website there are free and ready to use (for download or display) educational materials for teachers, parents and children. Articles with advice for parents and lesson scripts for teachers have been prepared in accordance with the pre-school education curriculum and the general education curriculum for primary schools.

Website content:

  • Lessons scripts for teachers

  • Educational materials

  • Advice

  • Teaching aids

  • Animations

  • Games

The Book Finansiaki is Us!

It is a book about the first journeys of a child around the world of money written in the form of a guide, based on the current knowledge about financial behaviours of children and youth. It was prepared for parents – bank customers who have children and for whom economic education is an important goal. The expert partner to the publication is the Faculty of Psychology of the Warsaw University.

The book’s first edition of 6,000 copies became very popular, so in January 2020 we printed another 5,600 copies. Since March 2020, the book has been available online, for free download from the website.

″Finansiaki″ – Lesson scripts for volunteers

Lesson scripts were developed specially for the volunteers from the bank. The bank’s employees, as part of skill-based volunteering, conduct classes in kindergartens and primary schools. The educational materials have been developed by an expert – a psychologist specializing in economic psychology of children and youth, economic socialisation and money saving strategies. In 2019, we made two more lesson scripts available to employees, together with teaching aids.

  • In 2019, our volunteers conducted classes in kindergartens and schools attended by approximately 1,000 children.

For more information about the program go to

Santander Station

The Santander station is a CSR initiative that combines the involvement of employees as brand ambassadors with the activation of local communities.

As part of the project, a mobile educational and entertainment station in the form of a modern pavilion was built in five Polish cities.

Its visitors could take part in activities based on the bank’s educational projects such as the How’s Your Driving, Santander Orchestra or the Finansiaki project. The Station’s guests participated in first aid workshops, games and competitions on economic knowledge. The space equipped with touch screens, tablets, holograms and a humanoid robot was a real treat for fans of cutting-edge technologies.

The attractions of the Santander Station in 2019:
  • educational games developed for the Finansiaki project, where by participating in the game parents and children can find out that learning about the world of money – regardless of age – can be interesting, easy and enjoyable,
  • economic game Leaders of Europe teaching young people the broadly understood basics of economics,
  • first aid workshops, organized as part of the How’s Your Driving project,
  • attractions for fans of new technologies and those interested in modern banking services,
  • Santander Orchestra concerts with young, talented musicians performing under the baton of Adam Sztaba, among others.

Thanks to a unique approach to CSR activities, the bank’s employees have become ambassadors of the Station and of the Santander brand in local communities. In a special competition, they decided on the concept of the initiative, the implemented projects and the locations where the modern, mobile pavilion was erected. As a result, they were more strongly involved in building the bank’s image and promoting its social role by acting as a link between global operations and the needs of local communities.

Santander station in numbers:

  •  5
    cities: Pruszcz Gdański, Świdnik, Kostrzyn-on-Oder, Bielsk Podlaski, Wrocław

  •  30
    days of operation

  •  Nearly 4,000

  • More than 60
    rounds of Finansiaki and European Leaders games

  • 50
    first aid workshops under the How’s Your Driving Project

  • 40 km
    of rowing for a charity cause

It’s a great attraction for local communities. I have been accepting congratulations and thanks to this day. The employees were very impressed by the power of this event. The city authorities thanked the Santander Orchestra for the performance, saying: ″Kostrzyn audience awarded the artists with a standing ovation, which probably happened for the first time in our amphitheatre.″

Renata Naduk
Director of Santander Bank Polska’s Branch no. 1 in Kostrzyn-on-Oder

Bankers for financial education of youth – BAKCYL programme

BAKCYL is a strategic, long-term partnership of companies and institutions from the banking sector in Poland to raise the level of knowledge of the young generation in the field of practical finance. The project is part of one of the largest non-commercial educational programs of the financial sector in Europe: Bankers for Education.

  • 254

    classes conducted by Santander Bank Polska Foundation’s volontueers as part of the program

  • 6,096

    people attended the classes

The "Happy senior” project brings generations together

The project is a series of educational activities related to finance and dance. Participants can choose one of the three topics:

1) Safe banking,
2) Senior Citizen’s Banking ABC,
3) From Senior to Junior.

The main underlying concept is cross-generational experience sharing.

I’m glad I took part in the Happy Senior project. It was an interesting experience for me – dancing with other seniors and people from the bank in Monika Grzelak’s beautiful dance studio and then performing together in the Forum Gallery was an unforgettable experience. It’s fantastic that the bank does not treat us only as customers but also cares about our security on the Internet. The workshops were very interesting. Thank you very much once again.

Wiesława Grabarczyk
participant of the "Happy Senior" project
  • Under the programme, 50 volunteers conducted 10 meetings for 362 beneficiaries.